When the sun sets, the sky will still be a beautiful place to hang out

RTE 2 Comments The moon will be a perfect backdrop for a movie night on Sunday night in Dublin as the sky is expected to clear again as the sun rises.

The skies will return to a clearer, warmer, less cloudy mood for a few hours after the sun returns to the eastern horizon and a bright red light is visible over the city.

Dublin City Council said there will be no major disruption to the public during the morning rush hour, but motorists will be warned to keep their eyes peeled for the red light.

The city’s weather centre has warned of high winds and hail possible as a result of the storm.

However, the city is currently expecting a light drizzle with temperatures expected to reach between 20 and 25C on Sunday evening.

Dublin Mayor Denis Naughten said: “As we enter the peak of the monsoon season we will have a light breeze and sunny days for the next few days.”

However, this is no time for a quick trip to the pub.

“We want to ensure our residents have the chance to enjoy the sunshine before it darkens, and we are making sure all of our streets are cleared of debris and the roads are clear.”

People should be prepared for the rain as the weather continues to shift.

“The city will be open for business on Monday and Tuesday with people enjoying the city and the surrounding countryside for the first time in several weeks.”

The city is open to the first wave of travellers and those arriving from abroad, and will remain open on Monday morning, Tuesday and Wednesday,” Dublin City Council’s meteorologist, Kevin O’Connor, said.”

If there are any other events or weather disturbances that may occur this week, we will be working with local authorities and other agencies to assess the impact and react accordingly.

“Residents and visitors to Dublin can expect a lot of sunshine during the monsoons and throughout the month of May.”

For the most part we are expecting to see the same weather conditions for the coming weeks.

“Dubai Mayor Denis Napthine said the city was not expecting to be affected by the storm, but warned of the risk of heavy rain.”

It is always a risk to the city during the time of the year when people are in town.” “

We are in the process of assessing how the weather is changing and looking at the potential impact on the city, so we will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

It is always a risk to the city during the time of the year when people are in town.

“Last week, Dublin City Hall was evacuated following a reported power cut.

There were no reported injuries in the incident and no major damage was reported.