I’m in. Now it’s time to take off

From the perspective of a football fan, there’s nothing quite like the sight of a team wearing white jerseys to kick off the 2016 season.

But for those of us who live in a world of white and black and red, the most memorable moments of the year are usually the ones that happened to be played at the home of the team we follow.

In some cases, it can be difficult to tell who’s playing what at what time because the colour scheme is often different, but the sight has been a staple in the modern game for at least a century.

It’s a look that makes for a memorable and engrossing game.

We’ve all experienced the moment when we first saw a team from our favourite team on the field.

How we’ve been treated to a team with a unique and captivating colour scheme, and now, with that team playing in our backyard.

In the meantime, we’re left with our favourite players in a uniform that we can’t tell apart.

But there’s an added thrill to the experience of seeing the jersey change, because you can now get a better idea of how that uniform has evolved over time.

Let’s take a look back at some of the most notable jersey changes in NFL history, starting with the team from 1964.

When was the last time a team wore a white jersey?

1961: The Detroit Lions wore a uniform with black trim, white and red trim, and a white collar.

The team was the Detroit Lions.

1966: The Green Bay Packers wore a green-and-white striped jersey that had a red trim and white trim.

1966 NFL Uniform History: The first year that a team didn’t wear a white uniform was in 1966, when the Pittsburgh Steelers wore a red-and.

1967: The San Francisco 49ers wore a black jersey that was white-striped.

1968: The Washington Redskins wore a yellow-and white striped jersey with black stripes.

1968 NFL Uniform Historical: The Cleveland Browns wore a blue-and green-stripes jersey with a red collar.

1969: The Cincinnati Bengals wore a light blue-strip shirt with white trim and a red tie-off.

1970: The Oakland Raiders wore a grey-and orange-strip shirts with black stripe trim.

1971: The Kansas City Chiefs wore a dark blue-stripe jersey with white stripes.

1973: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wore a purple-and yellow-strip jerseys with a black collar.

1974: The Philadelphia Eagles wore a navy-blue jersey with dark-blue trim.

1975: The New York Giants wore a tan-and gold-stripers jersey with gold trim.

1976: The Miami Dolphins wore a turquoise-and a yellow jersey with blue trim.

1977: The Arizona Cardinals wore a burgundy-and blue jersey with navy-white trim.

1978: The Chicago Bears wore a silver-and red-strip jersey with red trim.

1979: The St Louis Rams wore a solid-gold-and navy-strip sleeves.

1980: The Seattle Seahawks wore a gold-and black-striping jersey with yellow trim.

1981: The Tennessee Titans wore a charcoal-and burgundy jersey with silver trim.

1982: The Buffalo Bills wore a brown-and silver-striper jersey with gray trim.

1983: The Atlanta Falcons wore a gray-and brown-strip kit with white collar and a gold tie-on.

1984: The Indianapolis Colts wore a lime-and grey-strip helmet with a navy trim.

1985: The Dallas Cowboys wore a mustard-and cream-and tan helmet with white trims.

1986: The Pittsburgh Steelers had a white-and dark blue kit with yellow stripes.

1987: The Baltimore Ravens wore a team-strip of white with blue collar, black tie-ons and a yellow trim on their jersey.

1988: The Minnesota Vikings wore a maroon-and light blue kit.

1989: The Jacksonville Jaguars wore a striped-and gray-strip, white- and red-rimmed kit with a yellow collar.

1990: The Houston Texans wore a cream-blue kit with navy trim and blue collar.

1991: The Denver Broncos wore a orange-and bronze-and turquay-blue shirt with a white trim on its chest.

1992: The Carolina Panthers wore a kit with blue-trimmed collar and white stripes on their shoulder pads.

1993: The Los Angeles Chargers wore a jersey with two yellow stripes on the collar.

1994: The Nashville Predators wore a kits with black trims on the shoulder pads and blue trim on the chest.

1995: The Ottawa Senators wore a shirt with navy collar and gold trim on both sleeves.

1996: The Montreal Canadiens wore a sleeveless white jersey with purple trim.

1997: The Boston Bruins wore a collar with blue stripes.

1998: The Toronto Maple Leafs wore a sleeve with red-trims on both sides of the collar and blue-rims on the sleeve.

1999: The Edmonton Oilers wore a strip of black on the side of the chest with white-