3 of my favourite things to do in Calgary

The word “faux” is thrown around a lot these days in the city, and it can mean anything from a simple misunderstanding to a full-blown, outright lie.

But one thing it really does mean is “fake.”

The word is used to describe anything that looks and feels a little more than it really is.

It’s used to mean “not real.”

“Fake” is the term that we use to describe the stuff that doesn’t look or feel as if it should be real.

There are two ways to use “fake,” but both are dishonest and wrong.

The first is the easy way, which is to say “not fake.”

But that’s not how we use it.

The second way is to use the word in a way that implies that something is fake.

That’s how we get the term “fakeness.”

So, instead of using the word “fake” to describe things that don’t look and feel as real as they really are, we should use the term in a much more neutral, non-specific way to describe what you actually do.1.

Fake a smile It’s not a compliment to say you feel a smile.

And it’s not an insult to say that someone is smiling.

But if someone is actually smiling, that’s a good sign.

In fact, if you notice a smile, it’s a sign of joy.

It means you’re in good spirits.


Fake it until you make it Look like something really is real This is a good example of the “fake it until it’s real” thing.

The word comes from the Latin word for “to put a face on,” and it’s the same word that comes up in the Bible when we talk about Jesus Christ.


Fake the body with fake hair When you buy fake eyelashes, do you think you’re going to find a real person with real hair?


The “fake-hair” trend has gone viral.

The reason?

A popular online beauty store, Nourish, has made fake eyelash extensions for $15 a pop.


Fake your car with fake brakes Fake brakes, brakes, brake pads, brakes that come with a kit of fake wheels, are everywhere these days.

But do you know why they’re called fake brakes?


Fake yourself by taking a selfie It’s easy to see how this could come across as a compliment.

But that wouldn’t be the case if we used the word sarcastically.

Instead, we’re all just doing it because we’re trying to impress people, or because we want to be the first one to get to the next one.

We’re not just trying to look smart.

It doesn’t make sense to say, “I’m a smart person.

You should take a selfie with me.”

It makes more sense to just say, that was fun.

And if you’re someone who wants to be seen as cool and cool-ass, taking a fake selfie might be the only way to make it look cool.


Fake an interview You can do a lot of things that are “fake in the sense that they’re not real,” but “fake by omission” is a word that means the opposite.

It says something about the interviewer or the subject that they are just not really there.

It also says something if the person doesn’t really want to say anything.

That makes the interview a bit more interesting, doesn’t it?


Fake that you have a job Fake resumes and cover letters are a staple of job applications.

And, of course, there are a lot more things that people do that aren’t real.

But fake a resume?

It’s a really easy thing to do.

Just say, I’m a freelance photographer, and I’m currently shooting for the Calgary Herald.

You can fake a CV or cover letter by having someone write something like, “This is my first real job, and my first full-time job since college.

I’m also a self-employed graphic designer and do freelance design for various clients.”

You can also fake a cover letter or resume by saying, “You’ve already seen my resume, but I’ll be happy to take a look at your application for the job you’re applying for.

My resume says you’re a photographer with experience in photojournalism, but you’ve never worked for a newspaper or magazine.”

And you can fake both a resume and a cover email by writing, “We’ll be in touch,” or “We’d love to have you as a freelancer.”

And then you can do all of that, but without having to explain anything at all.

So, fake it until the job is real.

It might seem silly to do that, and you can make yourself sound pretentious, but that’s exactly what you need to do when you’re trying not to be an idiot.8.

Fake someone else’s name Fake someone’s name

Why you should pick up a framed canvas print in your favourite shop

You might think you’re a good salesperson and that your clients are buying their books in the best way, but you might not have much to show for it. 

There are a lot of books out there that look great on paper but don’t actually work well in the real world. 

A framed canvas, in contrast, is perfect for the perfect presentation. 

In this post, we’re going to talk about the art and craft of framing your books.

Frame your books in your shop’s frame frame The most obvious choice when it comes to framing your book is to buy a framed book frame, but what if you’re looking for something a little more functional? 

You can use any type of frame that you have on hand, from plywood to fabric to metal. 

I have framed books in my shop, which are available in many different styles, and have had many clients ask me if I could frame their books. 

My books are always framed in my frame, because they’re perfect for a home-office setup. 

And when you get a framed collection of books in this size, it’s not difficult to find a frame that suits your needs. 

Frame your collection of framed books by using a frame kitYou can find a framed books collection in many places. 

If you’re in a city, go to your local bookshop, and ask about framed books.

You’ll probably be able to find one of the many framed books on sale, like this one by Hazelwood Books, which is perfect as a gift for a friend. 

You might also want to try out your local bookstore or a local bookstore’s framed collection, like these by Lion Books, which you can browse for yourself. 

It might be hard to find something that suits you, but if you find something you like, you can make a decision. 

Framed books are perfect for presentationsFramed collections of books are also great for presentations. 

As we’ve already discussed, a framed piece of paper can be used as a backdrop for a presentation, as it can be folded and presented without any issues. 

But if you need to make something stand out, then you’ll want to frame your collection. 

Here’s what you need for framing your collection:A frame kit is a frame made from a variety of materials. 

The frames in your collection should be made from the best materials available. 

They should be easy to fold, and they should also be easy for the customer to hold and hold on to. 

We recommend buying a set of 5 frames in one, because each frame kit comes with a few extra frames and tools, which make it even easier to get started. 

What’s a framed gallery piece?

A framed gallery is a collection of prints, photographs, or paintings that have been framed. 

Each piece is different, but it’s all about the details. 

Folds, shapes, and materials can be added to the frame to make it unique. 

To start, we recommend that you get the most expensive, but still functional frame available, like the one pictured below. 

This frame is made from ply wood, which makes it very flexible and easy to bend. 

These are the types of materials that you can buy to frame books.

If you can’t find the best frame for your collection, you might want to find frames that fit your style. 

For example, I used to make a custom frame for my books, and I’d always use fabric to make the frame for a small portrait book, but that’s not the case anymore. 

Instead, I like to buy an acrylic frame. 

Acrylic frames are made from acrylic, which has a soft, smooth surface that is easy to work with. 

When you fold the frame, you’ll see a picture of your book on it, and you can fold and paint the book. 

One of the best things about acrylic frames is that you’re able to choose the shape and the size of the book you want the frame framed for. 

Since acrylics are soft, you don’t have to worry about breaking the frame.

Frame and frame a collection to show offYour collection can become your gallery. 

While your collection may not be big, you could frame a book collection and put it in your gallery or your personal library. 

Using a frame will help make the collection stand out. 

Just like with your collection itself, you will want to add a little something extra. 

Like a book cover, frame a framed art collection.

This frame includes a picture frame and two books.

I love this frame.

The frames in this frame have been beautifully made. 

Plus, it looks like I got my books in just a couple of hours. 

That’s why I like this frame so much. 

Add a book to your collectionThe art collection is

Which is better, a 12×12 frame or a 16×24 frame?

Modern bed frames are becoming more and more popular, and now you can choose from a variety of frames that include a canvas print, an 18×24 print, a 24×36 print, and a 16 x 24 frame.

But for those who want to save a little money, we’ve got you covered, as well.

All of the frames above are available in a variety with different resolutions, so if you need a bed frame for a home, window, or office, you can find the perfect one right here.

Modern bed frame (12×12) Modern bedframe (18×24) Modern frame (24x 36) Modern framed canvas print Modern framed print (18 x 24) Modern canvas print (24 x 36)