More news on the Skylight and Fracture Frame series

News that is still relatively unannounced has been shared on the Polygon forums, where many have speculated that it could be the new Fracture frame.

According to Polygon, this is a new frame from the Skilight Series, the same company behind the Skynight series.

It is unclear what new features the Skilled Frame brings to the table, and if it will be exclusive to the Skrilight line.

It’s worth noting that we don’t have the Skidded Frame at this time, so we cannot tell you anything about what is new or different about the Skiltone Series.

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We’re looking at frames made from metal or metal alloy, with frames up to four feet long, to hold up to a TV.

The frames also have the ability to be attached to a wall, and the frames have a special attachment point that attaches to the TV itself, giving the illusion of more room on the screen.

The frame can be purchased from for around $400.

You can also buy a frame online through the company, or order from the manufacturer.