I think I’m a big, big fan of the new mini bike frame from The Mountain Goats

The Mountain GOATS’ latest EP, “The Mountain Goat’s Song,” is out now on Record Store Day.

The album is full of some of the band’s most inventive songwriting and live performance, and while the EP doesn’t offer a whole lot of new material to look forward to, the band is bringing back some old favorites for its next release.

The new frame is part of a larger collection of Mountain Goatz products that is coming in November.

In a way, the frame is a nod to the album’s title track, which is about a bike that gets ridden by the Mountain Goags.

“The new mini frame is meant to be a way for the band to keep making music,” frontman Josh Whelan said in a press release.

“When we came up with the name ‘The Mountain Goat’s Song,’ we all had this idea of riding a bike in the mountains.

We’re also a big fans of mountain biking and a fan of riding around the country and around the world, and the bike itself is a lot of fun to ride.

We thought about a lot more than just the name.”

Whelan also confirmed that the new frame will come in two different sizes, but he didn’t specify a price.

He said the new frames will be available to purchase from November 1.

The Mountain Goat website is now available.