Walmart frames are top sellers at Best Buy, with a price tag of $3,600 each

BEST BUY, N.Y. — Walmart frames and mattresses are the top sellers on Best Buy’s website, as the company strives to become more competitive in the online mattress market.

Best Buy’s online mattress store saw sales of $4.8 billion last year, and the company is aiming to double its sales over the next five years, said Ron Deibert, chief marketing officer for

The online retailer is aiming for a $10 per square foot price for mattresses, up from $7.99 this year.

The online mattress retailer’s online store features several styles of mattress for sale, including the popular Wal-Mart Best Buy Best Value model, which features a foam base and a cushioning foam mattress cover, and is priced at $1,400.

But those are also the most popular options on the store’s website.

Walmart frames are popular for consumers, said Deiberdt.

They can be bought for less than $100 and can last a year or more, depending on the size of the mattress.

Mattresses are more durable, and you don’t have to buy extra material or make any adjustments to the design of the bed frame, he said.

While the Best Buy mattress sales represent the company’s first-ever mattress sales, the company has been offering online purchases of mattresses since 2006.

In an effort to compete with retailers like Home Depot and Target, Walmart is working to increase its online sales, said Matt Binder, vice president of e-commerce sales at Best Buys.

The retailer is also looking to increase the quality of its products, he added.

While Best Buy has not officially announced pricing, Deiberts told CBC News that the company will announce new pricing options in the future.

He declined to say whether Walmart will offer mattresses with different mattress types, or how many different sizes and materials it offers.

The company has yet to release a price for its online mattress offerings, but Binder said it will be “competitive” in the marketplace, he noted.