U.S. Air Force is ‘ready’ to ‘bomb’ Syria as ‘a last resort’

Air Force officials confirmed on Thursday that the U.N. Security Council will hold a rare emergency meeting this week to discuss the crisis in Syria.

The U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the meeting would discuss “regime change operations and the need to bring an end to the bloodshed and the crimes of the Syrian regime.”

The Syrian Observatory also said that President Donald Trump has instructed the Pentagon to send “more than 1,000 special forces” to Syria to train and advise local fighters.

Trump also ordered the deployment of additional American troops to Iraq, where he has already called for the U!


to launch a “regional force.”

Trump’s decision to send troops into Syria has caused a diplomatic crisis in the U.-S.

relationship with Russia, whose President Vladimir Putin has been a strong supporter of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Trump has previously called for Russian troops to withdraw from Syria and for Moscow to withdraw its ambassador to the United Nations from the U-N.

Trump has repeatedly expressed concern over the prospect of a Russian military presence in Syria and has threatened to “totally destroy” Russia if Moscow does not end its support for Assad.

Russia has vehemently denied that it has troops in Syria, despite its support of Assad.