What if you were given the opportunity to write your own movie?

Posted February 10, 2018 16:09:31A year ago, the year that launched the Indian film industry, I had the honour to be the first Indian to receive the prestigious ‘Amitbhav Bhatti Award’ at the Bollywood Hall of Fame.

I was then also named in the list of recipients for the prestigious Bollywood ‘Sister Awards’.

I was then among the few Indian actors to be given the ‘Bollywood Oscar’ for my role in Akshay Kumar’s film, The Big Bang Theory.

I was nominated in the Best Actor category for that film as well.

But this year, I received the ‘Award for Excellence in Directing’ for a film I wrote and directed called ‘Kannada’, a short film starring actor Akshaya Kumar.

This is the story of how my life and career changed in 2017.

I grew up with a strong love of cinema and a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of children.

I also became aware of the plight of those people who are marginalized by society.

In fact, I started taking part in anti-violence initiatives when I was 16.

My brother-in-law, a child psychologist, had a case of polio when he was 16 and had to undergo surgery.

He lost both of his legs.

I wanted to do something to help him and he told me that I should try writing and directing films.

I began to write my own scripts, and eventually my first film, Kannada, was released in 2017 under my name.

Kannadas plot is a simple one: A man who is a childless man finds a job as a maid.

However, he is a skilled artist, and decides to become a teacher to help the childless poor.

The film revolves around the plight and dreams of a child who is abandoned by his family, and his mother who cannot find a job.

I hope to bring some light to the plight in the film.