How to find your perfect TV set and how to set it up

We have spent the last week digging through thousands of Ikea picture frame sets to find the perfect TV and video wall mount, and here’s how we did it. 

The Ikea model number is 906-7, which stands for “Elegant Wall Mount.”

We had to make do with a generic Ikea product listing, but if you’re looking for something different, try the Ikea picture-frame set: Model # 906  Wall Mounting Device for Ikea Picture Frames #906-6 (model number 906)  IKEA Picture Frame Set (906) The Ikea 906 Picture Frame Model 906 Model # 906 Model # 907  Model# 907 Model# 908  Picture Frame Set# 909  Poster Frame Set #920  TV Wall Mounting Adapter #910  Seat Strap #1110  VESA Wall Mount Adapter Model 1110 Model 1212  Wrap-Around Wall Mount #1212-6  Holder for the Wall Mount and Mounting Hardware Model 1280  Tiny PictureFrame WallMount Pricing $29.99 $59.99  $129.99