What’s New With Facebook?

Facebook has just released a new set of custom frames online.

Here are some of the new ones we found interesting:This is a new style of custom frame that’s not just for Facebook, but also for other brands, including Instagram and Spotify.

It’s a “classic” type of custom wood frame that allows you to change the color and style.

The frame is called the “cool bed frame,” and you can find it at the “Wood” section of the site.

The design is unique, so we had to look up how to do this frame ourselves.

Another interesting new custom frame is this one that’s for a family member of yours.

You can find the frame for $15.

Also interesting is the custom frame for the brand-new Instagram and a “regular” Instagram custom frame.

This is a more modern style of the Instagram custom frames, with rounded corners and more rounded edges.

You can find more custom frames on the Instagram site.

You’ll also find these custom frames in the “Other” section.

You might want to look at the Instagram design to see what we mean.