Which Instagram photos have the most likes?

Instagram recently launched a new feature to help users find and follow people that are popular, but the service is struggling to keep up.

According to a recent study, Instagram’s popularity has fallen to only 4 percent, the lowest in the world.

The results of this study, which looked at 1,000 Instagram posts, showed that there were only 3,600 likes for every post, which was lower than the 4,000 likes Facebook’s average likes rate.

In other words, Instagram is struggling in its attempts to build up its user base.

While Facebook is struggling with its own user growth, Instagram has been struggling for years.

It has no real competition in the digital space, and the company has been using its advertising platform to try and keep users engaged.

The problem is, as BuzzFeed points out, “the numbers are mixed.”

The company also admitted to the study that the results showed that its social media reach has been decreasing over time, while its user growth has been increasing.

In the same report, it admitted that its audience is declining.

The company did admit that Instagram was still the most popular platform on the platform, but that its overall user base has declined.

According the report, the average follower on Instagram is down to 15,000, while the average user on Facebook is up to 21 million.

However, the study found that Instagram’s audience is growing as users continue to explore its offerings.

This isn’t the first time Instagram has faced criticism for declining user engagement.

In 2015, Instagram admitted that it was losing users to competitor Snapchat.

Snapchat is now the most-followed social media platform in the United States, but Instagram is still struggling to maintain its popularity.