How to make a gold frame lens

Gold frame glasses are an iconic piece of eyewear.

They can be used for a wide range of applications, from concerts and sports to beauty shots and weddings.

To make a frame lens, you need to cut a piece of glass with a sharp edge and stick it onto the side of a plastic tube.

You can then glue a small lens on the end of the tube and attach it to the top of the glasses.

The gold frame can also be used to make frames for sunglasses and to add an element of depth to your photography.

To get started, you’ll need a piece on which to hang your frames.

First, cut a small piece of flexible plastic and stick that to the side or the top side of your glass.

Next, cut an angle hole in the plastic, which will fit through the angle hole.

The plastic can be a bit tough, so be careful to be sure you don’t cut into the glass.

Glue the hole into place.

Now take your plastic tube and glue the lens on it.

Make sure that you have a good level of glue on the tube so it doesn’t fall off.

Now, use a sharp object to poke a hole in one side of the glass, and poke the hole in another.

This will give you an angle for the lens to hang onto.

The lens can then be attached to your glass, which you’ll then attach to the frame with the other end.

You should end up with two lenses hanging from your glasses.

If you don, just use the angle of the lens you just made to help you get the other one in.